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UPI Co., Ltd.
314.304 Gondan 2-daero,
Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA
TEL: +82-31-499-5701~3
MOBILE : +82-10-4425-1014
FAX: +82-31-499-5704
E-mail: upi@upi.co.kr
UPI CO. LTD. since its establishment of 1988, the company has continued to invest in the Research and Development in order to improve the product quality.

We are Specialist in designs, engineering and production of the Machinery for the Transformer Manufacturing Plants, with our own unique high technology. And, because of our reputation for providing high quality products and services, we have been able to build a customer-base of both domestic and overseas customers.

First of all, on Mechatronics parts UPI supply various types of machines which are needed in the transformer manufacture factory field such as Core cut to length line, Core slitting line, Coil winding and others. These machines are very important to our life living which supply us energy which in other word is the electricity.

Secondly, on Electronics parts we manufacture Pulse reverse rectifier for PCB, and Power supply for low voltage & high speed hard coating for Aluminum anodizing.
We promise to our customers;

First, we promise to realize high productivity, supply goods with no trouble, and supply prompt services.

Secondly, all our executives and staff members will do their best to firm attempting to satisfy our customers’ demands on drawings and manufacture.

Finally, we will response on all our buyers’ requests and be responsible for our manufactured products.

Thank you.

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둘째, 모든 임직원은 다양한 고객의 요구를 충실히 대응할 수 있는 설계, 제조, 공급을 위해 최선의 노력을 다하겠습니다.

셋째, 우리가 제조한 제품은 끝까지 책임진다는 정신으로 귀사의 요청에 응하겠습니다.

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Cut to Length Machine

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