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Core Cut to Length Machine-UST

Core Cut to Length Machine offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing a wide range of different shaped legs and yokes to be cut. Also, this model is for long strip cut length which is up to 5000mm long and the width range is two types which are UST840 (85mm to 840mm) and UST1000 (100mm to 1020mm)

The UST model Core Cut to Length Machine is an advanced-level core-cutter. Conducting Hole punching, V notching, Slot punching, Tip cutting and swivel shear in one automated process, this Core Cut to Length Machine is used to make Step Lab-type core horizontally or vertically. Our Core Cut to Length Machine is designed and built to your specific requirements.

The Shear line is composed of a compact structure and control system hardware compatible with IBM computers and servo drive motor. High precision roll feeder is driven by position control type with servo motor. All the punching units are driven in servo motor and shearing can be automatically and transversally.
Core Cut to Length Machine Core Cut to Length Machine

Core Cut to Length Line Manufacturer, UPI

We are Specialist in designs, engineering and production of the Core Cut to Length Machine for the Transformer Manufacturing Plants, with our own unique high technology. And, because of our reputation for providing high quality products and services, we have been able to build a customer-base of both domestic and overseas customers.
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