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Small Shear Core Cutting Machine – USP200

Small Shear Cutting Machine offers a high speed of productivity but the shape of the produce core is limited. There are four types of cut cores design.

The USP200 Core Cutting Machine can be equipped with Single head un-coiler, Hole punch unit, Shearing unit and stacking unit. The Shear line of Core Cutting Machine is composed of a compact structure and control system hardware compatible with IBM computer and servo drive motor.
Core Cutting Machine Core Cutting Machine

UPI, a leading Core Cutting Machine Manufacturer

We are specialist in designs, engineering and production of the Core Cutting Machine, Slitting Machine, Wound Core Cutting Machine, Coil Winding Machine and Foil Winding Machine for the Transformer Manufacturing Plants, with our own unique high technology. And, because of our reputation for providing high quality products and services, we have been able to build a customer-base of both domestic and overseas customers.
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