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Coil Winding Machine – UHS22

Coil Winding Machine has an automatic electronic wire layering system for winding coil sections. The UHS22 Model is designed for the production of distribution transformer. It can be used as a bobbin winder for wire of copper.

⊙ Coil for the round wire
⊙ Automatic wire guide traversing mechanism
⊙ Two speed ranges with variable speed with frequency converter with in each range.
⊙ Electromagnetic actuated brake system
⊙ Correction of wire pitch, 6 steps stop position, reversal of traverse, total turns from programmable counter as required.
⊙ Display & data setup by touch screen.
Coil Winding Machine

UPI, a leading Coil Winding Machine Manufacturer

UPI CO., LTD., since its establishment of 1988, the company has continued to invest in the Research and Development in order to improve the product quality. We are Machinery Specialist in the designs, engineering and production of the Machinery such as CTL Machine (Core Cut to Length Machine), and Slitting Machine for the Transformer Manufacturing Plants, with our own unique high technology. Also do manufacture Wound Core Cutting Machine, Coil Winding Machine, and Foil Winding Machine. And, because of our reputation for providing high quality products and service, we have been able to build a customer-base of both domestic and overseas South-East Asian customers.
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