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Foil Winding Machine – UFS

UPI offers foil winding machines for high voltage which has an automatic electronic Foil & Strip layering system for HV of cast resin transformer. There are two models of winding machine which is UFS 150 & 200 (single) and UFD 150 & 200 (double).

This winding machine is very fast for manufacturing transformer for high voltage coil section. During the process, conductor strips and insulation paper are automatically arranged by constant tension with servo and mechanical clamping. The foil winding machine is also equipped with an automatic TIG device to weld.

⊙ Programmable controls with touch screen
⊙ Conduction strip un-coiler
- Allows the quick set up of coil on expanding mandrel.
- Sheet cleaning unit with felt type.
- De-burring unit.
⊙ Film insulation un-coiler
- Allows the quick set up of insulation on expanding.
- Mandrel with air expanded shafts.
⊙ Tension
- Auto tension system with torque control.
⊙ Alignment
- The foil is kept performance aligned with a beam edge position controller resulting that the system is simple, effective to provide consistent edge.
⊙ TIG welding system
Foil Winding Machine Foil Winding Machine

UPI, a leading Foil Winding Machine Manufacturer

UPI CO., LTD., since its establishment of 1988, the company has continued to invest in the Research and Development in order to improve the product quality. We are Machinery Specialist in the designs, engineering and production of the Machinery such as Core Cut to Length Machine, Slitting Machine, Wound Core Cutting Machine, Coil Winding Machine, and Foil Winding Machine for the Transformer Manufacturing Plants, with our own unique high technology. And, because of our reputation for providing high quality products and service, we have been able to build a customer-base of both domestic and overseas South-East Asian customers.
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